Throughout our life, there exists the chance that cancer will touch someone we know ~ possibly a dear friend or even ourselves. 

Aconite is proud to support the fight against cancer, to help those battling or recovering from its effects, and all who wish to fondly remember someone they have lost.

Central to the exclusive "Life is Beautiful" range are two special earring designs, dedicated to the ongoing awareness and financial support of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).  Both of these unique designs incorporate 925 sterling silver components of the universal symbol for awareness of this cause, the 'awareness ribbon' with select Swarovski crystals. 

In support of research towards eliminating cancer, Aconite pledges to donate AUD$25 to ACRF for each pair of 'Rainbow' earrings sold, and AUD$50 to ACRF for each pair of 'Elizabeth (Heart of Love)' earrings sold.  Additionally, as part of our ongoing commitment to this important cause, and to encourage those affected by it, Aconite is designing individual one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces incorporating the 'awareness ribbon' symbol, due for release early 2010.

'Rainbow' dangle earrings

'Rainbow' dangle earrings - featuring 11mm faceted round disk Swarovski, with sterling 925 awareness ribbon stamped bail, suspended from 12mm 925 heart-silhouette stud.  10 jewel colours available.

~ AUD$50 per pair.

Our stunning range of 'Rainbow' dangle earrings:

'Elizabeth (Heart of Love)' dangle earrings

'Elizabeth Heart' dangle earrings - featuring 14mm heart Swarovski, with free-hanging 10mm sterling 925 awareness ribbon, crowned by 4mm aurora borealis Swarovski suspended from 30mm sterling 925 hook.  8 jewel colours available.

~ AUD$75 per pair.

Our stunning range of 'Elizabeth Heart' dangle earrings: