European-style bracelets


Incorporating the extremely popular European designer style of bracelet, based upon a thick 925 sterling silver chain with a unique locking clip allowing individual large-holed beads to be slid on and locked into place with ease.  This method provides limitless accessorising potential from just one bracelet and your selection of individual beads.

Aconite's range of European-style bracelets are made from solid 925 sterling silver in a 'tiger-tail' pattern.  These quality bracelets have been selected for their beauty as well as wearer comfort, as this ingenious design eliminates any risk of pinching and/or hair pulling. 

European-style bracelet (without beads) ~ AUD$50 each.


Your Bracelet Size


To allow individual comfort, these bracelets are available in 4 sizes:

S - 19cm/7.5in    M - 20cm/8in    L - 21.5cm/8.5in    XL - 23cm/9in

How to calculate the right size bracelet for you:

Step 1: measure your wrist 

Step 2: add 4cm/1.5in

(eg. 16cm/6.25in wrist measurement)

(eg. + 4cm/1.5in)

(eg. = 20cm/8in total length bracelet required)

This method provides wearer comfort without bracelets slipping over the hand.  It is important to remember that when beads are added to your bracelet, it will make your bracelet feel tighter.


  European-style slide-on beads


Aconite presents an extensive range of quality 925 sterling silver core beads, available in the following styles:

~ Venetian glass beads; 925 sterling silver beads; 925 sterling silver beads with zircon stones; precious amber beads; freshwater pearl beads; 925 sterling silver drops, spacers and clips; and18Kt gold plated sterling silver beads.

All of these beads are hand made with sterling silver cores (inner circle size measuring 4.5mm) to ensure colour stability and durability for quality long lasting beauty.  (Be advised that similar items available elsewhere are sometimes made with only silver-plated copper or basemetal cores which discolour quickly from wear.)  These beads will also fit the major brands of bracelets.

* Please note: minimum of 5 European-style beads per order *

Choose your beads from these gorgeous styles:


Finished and Starter European-style bracelets are also available from AconiteFinished bracelets are filled with beads according to a particular theme or design, while Starter bracelets are only half-filled, allowing you to continue completing the bracelet with whatever beads you desire.  For more information and to see available examples, please click here.