Finished European-style bracelets


Aconite's one-of-a-kind Finished European-style bracelets are each filled with exquisite beads hand-selected from throughout our extensive ranges.  Each bracelet comprises a quality 925 sterling silver bracelet, complete with complementary beads and secured by a 925 sterling silver clip bead.  For your opportunity to order from our currently available limited edition completed bracelets, please see below.

Some examples from our growing range of Finished European-style bracelets:


Starter European-style bracelets

The perfect way to begin creating your own unique European-style bracelet.  Starter bracelets also make an ideal gift, as they are instantly wearable plus have room available to continue adding individual beads over time.  With the vast range of beautiful beads available to us, Aconite can create a unique Starter bracelet just for you.  Please view our sample selection of available Starter bracelets for purchase and inspiration for your own design requests.

Some examples from our growing range of Starter European-style bracelets: